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Litigation In Response To Employment Discrimination And Wrongful Termination

Though the country has come a long way when it comes to illegal discrimination by employers against employees and job applicants, it is still a major problem. Workers in Southern California regularly suffer discrimination due to their race, gender, age or another protected trait. Whether it involves wrongful termination or other unjust treatment, discrimination is illegal and unacceptable. It can ruin careers and cause lasting emotional trauma.

Since 1999, the Law Office of Michael A. Conger has worked to help victims of workplace discrimination seek maximum compensation for their damages. Mr. Conger’s case results include some of the most complex and high-profile discrimination lawsuits in Southern California history. He is selective about the cases he accepts, but when he agrees to a case, he brings the full value of his experience and skill to bear.

Bases Of Prohibited Discrimination Under The Law

California employers have broad latitude to hire and fire workers as they say fit. Still, the law states that businesses may not fire, refuse to hire, demote or otherwise punish workers based on their membership in certain “protected classes.” These include:

  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Age
  • Religion
  • Pregnancy status
  • Disability status

Victims of this type of discrimination may be eligible for substantial compensation for their lost past wages and the negative effect the discrimination had on the plaintiff’s career (i.e., having to take a lower-paying job). They can also seek damages for things, like emotional distress, which are harder to quantify but are no less real.

Proving illegal discrimination or wrongful termination can be challenging. But after 30 years of practicing law, Mr. Conger knows how to gather evidence even when there is not an obvious paper trail. He builds a compelling case and uses it as leverage during settlement negotiations. Though most cases settle out of court, Mr. Conger is a seasoned litigator in both state and federal court. He regularly confronts major employers and their legal counsel at trial.

Compensation Is Possible After Employment Discrimination

Taking on a powerful corporation and its legal department can feel overwhelming. Retaining a sophisticated and experienced attorney makes things more even and makes justice possible. To get started, contact the Law Office of Michael A. Conger to schedule a consultation with Mr. Conger. Call 858-759-0200 to reach the firm’s location in San Diego.