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Helping California’s Workers Fight For The Pensions They Earned

Southern California workers who earn a pension through their employment count on those funds to help them enjoy a comfortable retirement. When mismanagement or outright negligence leaves the pension underfunded, it can leave workers with tough decisions. Must they keep working well past retirement age? If their health won’t allow them to keep working, how will they afford basic needs like food, medicine and shelter?

The Law Office of Michael A. Conger represents workers facing violations of their pension rights under such laws as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). Since 1992, attorney Michael Conger has successfully litigated complex pension disputes that often involve hundreds or thousands of members. As a solo practitioner, Mr. Conger is free to select which cases he will accept. When he chooses a case, he gives the matter his full attention and works tenaciously toward a reasonable solution.

Public Versus Private Pensions In California

ERISA governs the maintenance of private pension plans by setting minimum standards for funding, participation, vesting, fiduciary responsibilities and so on. But public pensions do not fall under ERISA’s jurisdiction. Major public-sector pension plans, including CalPERS, California’s public-sector pension fund; CalSTRS, the state teacher fund; and the University of California retirement plan (UCRP) have a history of “unfunded liability,” meaning they each have been underfunded in the past.

Work has been done to better secure funding for these pensions, which millions of working and retired Californians count on. But the process of ensuring that every public-sector employee who has earned a pension when they retire actually receives what they have earned is far from over. Workers facing inadequate or missing pension payments trust Michael Conger to help them fight to set things right.

Discuss The Pension Issue With An Attorney

Members of a pension plan that may be in jeopardy due to apparent illegal conduct should contact the Law Office of Michael A. Conger for a confidential consultation with Mr. Conger. Please email the firm or call 858-759-0200 to make an appointment.